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Company profile

Geospir is an Italian brand that originated from an idea of Motridal, a company with more than 40 years experience in the production of screw flights.

Following a requirement in the market, Geospir has developed an innovative system of ground anchorage that can be utilised in numerous applications of which the rapidity and costs of execution determine the outcome of the plan.

Geospir is a qualified partner to entrust the problematic solution of the planning and realisation of foundations and anchorages for medium to light structures, proposing a range of services that vary from the simple supply of the elements of implantation and their production, to the realisation of the product “Turn-key”.

The company has approximately one hundred employees and a production area of 20.000 square meters Equipped with a division of engineers, that are dedicated to the development of solutions for every specific requirement. Geospir is also in a position to operate on a international scale.